Teeth Whitening Powder

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Teeth Whitening Powder will help you to whiten your teeth completely and naturally . Especially it will help people with black and yellow teeth caused by smoking, drinking tea, coffee and wine. Whitening Powder remove tartar and peculiar smell, leaving your mouth clean and fresh. 

  • 100% Natural Ingredients, Enamel Safe
  • No sensitivity at all
  • Removes yellow colour of the teeth
  • Removes Stains of Coffee, Wine, Tea & Smoking

You'll love Teeth Whitening Powder

1. Whitens

Contains mild abrasive ingredients that assist in clearing away bacteria. Includes detoxifying ingredients to clear away surface stains.

2. Repairs

Teeth Whitening Powder has healing properties for sensitive teeth due to its unique formula. It also removes the yellow hue.

3. Protects

Teeth Whitening Powder features a micro-shield wax that coats teeth and helps protects them from harmful bacteria and everyday stains.

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