Enamen Care

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iSmile Whitening Strips are formulated with natural, effective, and enamel-safe ingredients designed to reverse years' worth of deep staining caused by coffee, wine, tobacco, and more. Use for 30 min once a day.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients, Enamel Safe
  • No sensitivity at all
  • Removes yellow colour of the teeth
  • Removes Stains of Coffee, Wine, Tea & Smoking
  • Conform to your Teeth (Advanced Grip Tehnology)

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3 strong advantages of Enamel Care

1. Whitens

Thanks to the unique gel formula, the Enamel whitens already after the first procedure. It is recommended to be used for 2 days.

2. Repairs

Enamel Care has healing properties for sensitive teeth due to its unique formula. It also removes the yellow hue.

3. Protects

Enamel Tube doesn't sensitize the teeth and doesn't cause pain, instead it protects the dental plaque during the day and night.

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