How to use iSmile Whitening Kit ?

1. Activate the LED Device
 - open back cover of LED Device, remove both batteries and pull out plastic tab. Reinsert batteries, with writing facing up and close back cover.
2. Assemble the device - attach Mouth Tray to the LED Light.
3. Brush teeth before use - thoroughly brush teeth for 2 minutes before whitening treatment.
4. Open Teeth Whitening Gel - Each container with gel contains enough gel for a single whitening treatment.
5. Apply gel to Mouth Tray - apply half of the Pod to the top and the other half to the bottom of the Mouth Tray.
6. Power on LED Device - press button on LED Device to power on.
7. Whiten for 10 minutes - place device in mouth and leave until LED Device automatically powers off.
8. Finishing up - expel all excess gel and rinse mouth thoroughly with water.

What's in the iSmile box?

Each Kit of teeth whitening is completed with an LED tray for light and mouth, shadow guide and 3 gel syringes for a total of 6 whitening procedures. Instructions are included on the back of the teeth whitening kit.

What is iSmile Subscription ?

iSmile Kit contains 6 gels inside. Once every 14 days, when they run out, we will deliver a box of 6 gels to your address. The cost of the box of gels is 49£ and will be automatically charged from your card once every 2 weeks. The minimum subscription period is 2 months. For details please contact us

How long do iSmile results last?

After the first 6 days, the results of the treatment can last between 6-7 weeks. For longer results, try to limit the consumption of dark foods or drinks that stain your teeth. This includes coffee and tea, wine, pasta and curry sauces and even some fruits and berries. To keep your teeth white and shiny, we recommend using iSmile every 2 weeks after the initial whitening round.

What are iSmile Gels?

Our gel supplies include 3 additional gel syringes to supply your teeth whitening kit and to maintain or improve your results. The base in the iSmile box already includes 3 gels, but after finishing them you can order another 3-6 gels to continue the teeth whitening procedure.

What are the Gel Ingredients for the iSmile Kit?


Hydroxyapatite (HAp) rebuilds the protective layer of your teeth, and replaces lost minerals from the tooth surface.

Peroxycaproic Acid

Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid (PAP) is clinically proven to effectively whiten teeth without causing sensitivity or gum irritation.

Potassium Citrate

Potassium Citrate helps relieve pre-existing sensitivity, and provides long-term protection from external stimuli that cause discomfort.

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Is iSmile teeth whitening safe?

Safety is the number one priority when formulating all iSmile products. Traditional whitening ingredients have been proven to cause damage to your teeth and gums, because of this iSsmile uses peroxycaproic Acid as the active whitening ingredients.

iSmile Kit effectively whitens stains without compromising the health of teeth to leave your smile brighter and healthier. It is also perfectly safe for gums and the soft tissue in your mouth.

In addition, our whitening formula also contains key ingredients that are proven to improve the strength of teeth and relieve any pre-existing sensitivity.

Can iSmile be used with veneers, caps, implants, bridges, or bonded teeth?

Veneers, caps, implants, bonding or bridges aren’t designed to be whitened and require special care from your dentist. Our whitening formula works to oxidise stains from natural teeth, however, it may be helpful at keeping your surrounding teeth the same shade as the ones that have had dental work.

Does iSmile whiten fake teeth or implants?

Fake teeth and implants aren’t designed to be whitened and require special care from your dentist. This also includes crowns, fillings, bridges and dentures. The Teeth Whitening Kit works to oxidise stains from natural teeth. We have other oral care products which are better suited for fake teeth or implants such as Day&Night Toothpase

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